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Mystery Bundle Bag

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Want an amazing deal?? Check out this Mystery bag! This mystery bag contains at least $30 dollars worth of mystery goods for only $15. Items in the bag include goodies from my online store, items I sell at cons, and other goodies too!!


♥️Please note♥️

Color may vary from the photo slightly.

To get the most out of the shipping price consider purchasing multiple items.

Important: Due to Covid-19 concerns and holidays, the post offices might take longer to deliver your goods to you! This isn’t definite, but mailing times may vary.

This listing features my originally drawn art. Do not steal, reuse, or claim artwork as your own, For more art check out my other platforms:

Instagram: @Bornasin
Youtube: @Bornasin
Twitter: @BornasinArt
Redbubble: @Bornasin